Annie brickman

In a world full of shadows it is more important than ever to focus on the light moments life offers. Love, empathy, respect and solidarity are not only the ingredients in the perfect wedding recipe but also the foundation of my view on photography itself. I believe that we can make our lives a little better just by letting these four words be the direction of the world we create together every day.

The person behind the camera

"I went to my first wedding very young. I was about three months old and I was crying the entire time. The bride was my mom , the groom was my dad and the only time I was smiling was in their wedding photo. Years later, at the age of six, I tried on her wedding dress and told her that I was to marry dad too, since he was the best man in the world. I got engaged very young. He went down on his knees and asked me to marry him. I didn't really care for marriage, but it was a pretty ring, so I said yes. Then we went on climbing trees and eating birthday cake. I was 7 years old and it took me only a couple of days to lose that ring among my toys. I found it again years later and remembered. Marriage is not about rings or cake. Marriage is about memories and moments and the wedding is the start of an amazing journey through our lives. Wedding is the celebration of two people's love, and love is the foundation of life itself."

Annie Brickman was born in Gothenburg, Sweden and moved to California 2014 to follow her dream to become a photographer. She started her career in Art & Design but now the camera is her tool of creativity. She lives in Santa Barbara where she has been educating herself in Photography for the last two years. 

With a smile on her lips she has taken on the honor to capture the most important day in a lifetime - The Wedding day. 

She lives with her High School Sweetheart and is currently finishing her AA in Photography at SBCC. She is employed as a photographer for the Marketing Department at SBCC and she is a Teacher Assistant for their beginning Photography classes. When she is not working or teaching, she loves to second shoot and assist other photographers around the County. She loves to travel and has a very weak spot for kids and animals.