What will you wear at my wedding?
I will wear an elegant, black outfit so I easily can blend in just like any other vendor. My goal is to be as invisible as possible.  

How many weddings have you photographed?
I have no exact number, since I have been photographing not only for myself but also for other photographers, so called "second shooting". I did my first wedding 2014, and have been doing portraits and couple photography increasingly since then. I started weddings officially 2016 and I did over 30 weddings during that year. 

Where do you photograph?
I started my career in California, USA, and has mostly been photographing there. I will however move back to Sweden, where I was born and raised, and will be based there from Fall 2017. I love traveling, and Destination Weddings is extra special to me. I do weddings all over the world.

Can I give you a list of certain shots that I want?
I will not have a list when I capture the candid moments. My style is all about capturing what's going on. I will have a list for family portraits, and you can always ask me if there is specific shots you want to get, and I will do my best to do it. But having a printed list will only be stressful for you, and prevent me from being out among your guests capturing your special day. There are some moments that are "must haves" at a wedding, such as the kiss and the cake cutting. Your schedule and decor will set the limit for what shot I can give you and not. That's why I love to help with the planning, to make sure you'll get all the photos you have in mind.
I can give you a list of what I usually shoot during different parts of the wedding. When booking me, I will go over this with you to make sure I will give you want you want.

Will you bring an assistant or a second shooter?
Depending on what package you book, I will bring either or. And you can always include an extra if you want. More cameras means more angles and more pictures delivered.

Do you have a backup plan in case you can't shoot my wedding?
Yes. I am part of plenty wedding photography communities and there is always a backup in case something happens to me.

Why is wedding photography expensive?
Flowers die, the last cake crumbles eaten. But the photo will be in your album or on your family's walls for generations. To guarantee to get the perfect image, a photographer needs experience, knowledge, technical education, the right gear, insurance and software. Everyone can snap a photo with an Iphone, but when the sun goes down a photographer need high quality gear and experience using flashes. Having updated, weatherproof gear, good quality lenses and updated, fast software for post production costs a lot. A wedding is very diverse and not having the right gear means lower quality or even not getting the shots. Good photographers has either years of experience and many years of education behind them, to make sure they know more than just click the shutter. Wedding photography is about more than just the picture. It's about being a part of a big event. It's being invisible to the guests so they can enjoy the party, but at the same time be everywhere and get all the pictures for the happy couple. Being friendly and nice to be around is key for a wedding photographer, and so is social skills and knowledge about posing. The pictures from your wedding will live on forever and be handed down for generations. A professional photographer will make you look amazing and plan your day so that it will be relaxed and fun. 

Photography & Delivering


How many photos will you deliver?
That depends on the number of shooters, the amount of hour and what kind of coverage you want. In average I would estimate it to be about 50 images/hour. The more portraits, the less amount. The more candids, the bigger amount. 

What is your photography style?
Romantic, candid and photojournalistic.

Will you bring your own lighting?

What kind of gear do you have?
I am shooting with the brand Canon, and my gear is high level to make sure they resist bad weather and give highest possible quality.

How will you deliver my images?
I deliver all my weddings low resolution online, but some packages include prints too. They can either be picked up at my studio or sent by mail. Prints can be ordered through me and can be delivered to your door.

Is there a limit to the amount of images you edit/deliver?
No. You will get every good picture I take. I don't deliver unflattering images, for example if I catch someone in the middle of a sentence doing a weird face, or blinking. The more shooting time, the more Images I will edit and deliver.

Are you printing too?
At the moment, I can only print for clients in Sweden. 

How long is your delivering time?
I will have your wedding delivered within 6 weeks from the day I shot it. If not, I will give you a free album. Delivering time depends on the size of the wedding and time of the year. During wedding season it might take 5 weeks and 3 days. During winter, it might take 1 week. Normal delivery time is 3-6 weeks. 

Why is it taking time to deliver images?
Culling and editing pictures are time consuming. Some venues are harder to edit than others depending on how they are lit. During wedding season I am out traveling and shooting more and spend less time by the computer, and have more weddings to deliver. During winter I might only have a wedding or two for months, and then I can edit faster.


What is your editing style?
My style is very natural, with vivid colors and true tones. I love the world we live it just as it is and want my images to be as realistic as possible.

How much do you edit?
I correct colors, so that they look like they are supposed to do. A camera records a limited amount of information compared to what we can see with a human eye. By editing it's possible to bring in more shades than a camera can capture, to make an image look real. An unedited raw image looks very faded and grey, and a jpeg from a camera has automatically been processed. As an artist, I do nothing automatically. I decide everything in my images, so that every picture is a true work of art when delivered to my clients.

Do you retouch? Like taking away pimples or wrinkles?
No, I believe in truth. With light and lens choices, angles and posing I try to get everything perfect in camera. I suggest that all my brides hire a good make up artist to make sure they look as they want to look before the image is taken. If you want your wrinkles to go away, I can edit specific images for you. Price per image depends on how much retouching you want.  

What software do you use for editing?
I have Adobe and Photo Mechanic. I mainly use Photoshop, Lightroom and Bridge depending on what I am doing.

Will you deliver Black & White images?
I will deliver my favorites or photos I think would be very strong in black and white. I usually deliver about 20% of the images in black and white too. 

Do you edit your images yourself?
Yes. I want my images to be perfect and no one else can read my mind and see my vision. I have gone to different schools for my education in graphic design and editing, so I have the knowledge and the tools. I am a perfectionist and I want all my images to look great.

Will you sell RAW-files?
I will give you low resolution jpeg-files to use online. I can sell high resolution TIF and printing rights if you want to print yourself. I can also print for you. But my edit is a part of the process and my creativeness as an artist, so I won't sell any unedited photos.