Wedding photography

by Annie Brickman


I will capture your story

Memories fade, photographs do not. My name is Annie Brickman, and I will capture your special day so you can look back on it years later, remembering every detail from the best day of your life. My style is candid & natural with an artistic flavor; a classic recipe for timeless photography. I love details, smiles and all those fun moments that made your wedding truly yours. 

I am hopelessly romantic and pretty crazy. I still cry a little during almost every of the weddings I am capturing. To me, wedding photography is all about getting to know who you are as a couple so that I can help making your wedding day to one of the most memorable days of your lives. In order to do that, it’s not only the shutter that needs to “click“, but also you and I. I am nothing but a storyteller, and this is your story. I will retell it with my special voice so that you can remember it all your lives. Together, we’re creating something unique and beautiful. To help me, I often bring my own parter Adam, videographer & photographer, to assist or second shoot. I believe life is as best when you are doing what you love with the people you love. Don’t you?

"Captured by Annie" doesn’t take images.
We’re capturing the most important day of your lives.


moments that matter


Your wedding should be one of the most memorable days of your lives, even if you don’t think so in forehand. It is something absolutely indescribable, to stand there with that person you love more than anything else, surrounded by the most important people in your lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s religious or not, if you have a hundred guests or only a couple of witnesses: your wedding day will be filled with small, beautiful memories. It is impossible to remember them all, and photography enables you to recall many thing that otherwise might be lost. Couples I’ve spoken to never regrets their choice of flowers or decoration, but that they had no real wedding photographer present or that they chose to get too few hours worth of photography.

As bride and groom you only get to see so much of the actual wedding day. Hidden away, stricken by nerves or stuck in conversation with friends and family, it’s easy to miss many fun moments during the day. A wedding is a rare opportunity to gather an entire family in laughter and dancing; people will meet for the first time ever or for the first time in very long. Sometimes also for the last time, which makes the images even more important. A wedding photographer doesn’t only capture beautiful portraits, but also small glimpses of what made your day unique. My goal is that you will sit down after the wedding, look back and say: “Wow, did you see that?“.

These are AMAZING PHOTOS! You are truly talented! Thank you so much for your good vibes and friendship towards us!
— - Joverth, Groom

The details


You are unique and so is your wedding. A beach is made of a billion tiny little rocks, and your wedding was created out of hundreds of small details. You might have worn your grandmother’s pearls, or you might have made the decorations yourself. I love to capture both the big scene but also the smallest things, like the shoes, that bracelet mom gave you or the napkin with your names embroidered on it. Everything, from the choise of location to the choice of nail polish, is a personal detail that makes your wedding story unique. Together, the images tells the story of your day, of who you are and all about the special day that you created. I will capture your sister's children in their tiny shoes or your grandpa who tried to hide that he cried during your father's speech... you will be surprise when you see the images after your wedding. All those details that make your day yours... captured forever in beautiful photographs. 

I just want to say thanks for the amazing job. I love ❤️
all the photos. You captured all the moments. You’re a
really great professional and I wish all the best for you.
— Lourdes, Bride

Copyright by Annie Brickman 2018